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Job Title of Opening: RF Engineer (Quantity 01)

Standard functions of a Radio Frequency Engineer pertaining to optimization of the performance of UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) and LTE networks as well as enhancement and support of wireless based voice and data communication networks. Participate in the pre-launch of Forth Carrier (Band width). [Note that historically there were two band widths which all GSM wireless communications shared. A third band was introduced to support UMTS technologies. The Forth Band is being added to widely introduce 4G technology LTE (Long Term Evolution) in order to enhance the speed of data transmission]. Evaluate existing Radio Frequency site specific parameters in order to determine and assign values to permit optimal function of 3G voice (UMTS) and data (LTE) over existing networks. Identify systemic problems and recommend solutions. Liaise with other engineering teams that are engaged planning the general launch scheduling. After launch monitor performance of existing communication networks against Key Point Indicators (KPI). Identify and isolate issues that degrade system performance utilizing COPS, NetTrack (tools used to monitor performance) and Business Objects (a customizable tool used to monitor and view KPIs). Identify problems and make recommendations to rectify RF related problems. Conduct GSM network performance audits in order to allocate adequate capacity to permit optimal communication between technologies like UMTS and LTE. Create, activate, deactivate and modify existing networks utilizing UTRAN (Universal Mobile Terrestrial Network Radio Access Network- a domain and its related tools).

Requires a Master's Degree in Computer Science and Engineering and 1 year of experience. In lieu of, will accept a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and Engineering and 5 years of experience, or any suitable combination of education, training or experience thereof. No less than a Bachelor's Degree and 5 years of experience is acceptable

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Sr. RF Deployment Engineer (Quantity 01)

Minimum Required
" Solid understanding of RF propagation principles, cellular theory, RF engineering tools and antenna theory
" Strong written, verbal and interpersonal skills
" Excellent computer skills (UNIX, Oracle Database, Excel macros and SQL programming a plus)
" Strong problem solving / troubleshooting skills
" Strong MapInfo skills
" Must be self-motivated, able to work under pressure, and multitask
" Must be able to prioritize work schedule and workload
" 3-5 years Experience within the wireless industry troubleshooting, optimizing, and designing wireless communication sites
" 2 years Working in and around the radio frequency industry designing, optimizing, and troubleshooting network issues
" 1 year Experience with various drive test units
" 1 year Previous experience with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) filings and zoning meetings
" 3 years Analyzing data and creating coverage solutions

Minimum Required
" Bachelors Degree in Engineering, Engineering Technology or equivalent technical degree
" In lieu of degree, equivalent experience within a technical telecommunications field may be considered

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Sr. Engineer, System Perf & Plng: (Quantity 01

Responsible for the strategic End-to-End (E2E) dimensioning, planning and performance of the network for one big operator in USA. Includes feasibility analysis of planning and dimensioning rules, feasibility analysis of new KPIs, and development of optimization features and processes. Develops national standards, documents, processes, and practices. Provides capacity plans and dimensioning reports for all nodes and interfaces in the cellular network, and ensures that new services come with associated planning and dimensioning rules. Provides regular performance reports for nodes, interfaces, and services across the cellular network on a national basis. Manages multiple national projects. Ensures that new services are deployed nationally with associated KPIs and parameter recommendations. Supports performance related lab and FOA activities. This is a technical leadership position required to do in depth analysis (both fiscal and technical) and design of new features and technologies that span all National Markets as well as mentoring junior engineers.

Minimum Required
" Deep experience in telecommunications engineering (switching, RF, transport) related to performance, equipment planning or systems engineering is required at market, regional or national level
" Mastery of RF propagation principles, cellular theory, RF engineering tools and antenna theory.
" Drive initiatives and gather FSC / market support. Influence acceptance of new RAN performance practices and RAN performance based operational efficiencies.
" Create dimensioning rules for new technologies. Use mathematical analysis and technical expertise to generate innovative dimensioning and planning rules. Get acceptance from FSC and regional organizations.
" Ensure that the validation of performance of new RAN network features is done in a consistent way and that the conclusions / recommendations are clearly communicated and accepted by FSC and regional teams.
" Drive consistent feature specifications requests and vendor behavior across feature roadmap. Establish bridges with other organizations and drive coordinated efforts. Drive best in class solutions across all vendors.
" In depth knowledge of RAN vendor (Ericsson & NSN) tools as well as drive testing, post processing and reporting tools.
" Proficiency in network KPI trending, troubleshooting analysis and putting together an optimization plan for network improvement. Planning and executing feature trials to optimize network resource utilization and customer experience.
" Experience in UMTS, GSM and IP protocols
" Proficiency with SQL and other database scripting languages
" Strong Technical Writing and presentation skills
" Able to develop and articulate technical strategies
" Self-motivated and able to work well under pressure
" Proficiency with MS Office
" Strong problem solving / troubleshooting skills
" Must have good interpersonal skills and be able to build consensus across teams
" 5-7+ years Telecommunications network planning experience
" 3-5+ years Technical Project Management
" Experience with UMTS protocols.

Minimum Required
" Bachelors Degree in a Technical discipline

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