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Implementation & Integration Services

We provide complete implementation and integration services from test list verifications to acceptance level for software and hardware in the wireless telecom network for all technologies:

  • RF cell sites acceptance.
  • Clusters testing.
  • E911.
  • Cell site installation.
  • Network Integration.

RF Design Services

We provide complete suite of RF design services some of which are as follows:

  • RF cell sites acceptance.
  • RF Engineering.
  • Preliminary RF Design through model tuning and drive testing.
  • Capacity planning, coverage design to include “hot-spots” and in-building coverage.
  • Final RF Design with PN/frequency planning.
  • Site development support including MPE compliance, intermodulation analysis, and zoning expert testimony.
  • RF site integration through single site functionality testing (Shakedown/Sector testing).
  • RF optimization through cluster testing and system (ATP) testing.

Network Designs/Engineering Services

HTN Wireless provides network and engineering services to the operators, some of the activities do:

  • Fixed Network Engineering.
  • Wireless network Engineering.
  • Fixed Network design and analysis through local access provider identification and LEC traffic research.
  • Network configuration and switch interconnect requirement identification.
  • Fixed network capacity and bandwidth analysis.
  • Topography and network architecture design, including core network design.
  • Optimal hub and switch location identification based on budgetary cost analysis.
  • T-1 provisioning.
  • Microwave design, installation, commissioning and optimization.  
  • ATM and voice switch engineering through switch translations and definitions.

Software Development Expertise

HTN Witeless help companies create Web Services networks thus improving productivity and helping them leverage IT assets. This includes creation of standard interfaces for applications and databases by using various technologies specially Java, Solaris workstation, WebLogic, MapInfo & ORACLE platform. Companies achieve automation of business interactions thus improving flow of information both within and between companies. This in turn reduces administrative costs, reduces errors and improves response time. Our approach to custom application development offers the following additional benefits:

  • By outsourcing custom application development a company can redirect internal IT resources to other projects.
  • Through outsourcing the company can tailor the level of expertise it needs, when the company needs it, without paying full-time salaries and benefits.
  • By utilizing our technical expertise in server configuration and networking you're assured of a solution that's appropriate for your online business objectives.

Turn key Projects /Deployment

At HTN Wireless We take care of complete turn key projects from build services, implementation, integration and acceptance and network optimization a total end to end solution for a network operator.

IP optimization Services

HTN Wireless provides next generation IP optimization services that include QOS parameters and fine tuning of the IP packets.

Build Services

HTN Wireless provides installation services for all the major equipment vendors from the site acquisition to the project management services, build services installation and integration of the hardware equipment with the option for the software integration and commissioning.

Technology Assessments Services

At HTN Wireless we provide services for technology evaluation and assessments including not limited to RFI, RFPs and RFQs, but also strategic analysis of existing marketing for achieving short and long terms goals of the operators.

Education Training Services

HTN Wireless provides courses in a variety of formats, from e-training to on-the-site courses that enable you to choose the most cost-effective option.

Our training programs and materials, which are built on Instructional Design (ID) methodology, can be tailored to fit any organizational and business need.

We provides the professional training on wireless concepts and best practices, network optimization, RF designing, Our in-depth knowledge of communications industry enables us to identify skills-gaps for companies in the telecommunications and converging technologies fields. This leads to learning programs, which take a company through the entire lifecycle of their critical projects.

  • HTN wireless specialize in providing high quality, interactive, instructor-led technology and business courses.
  • HTN wireless allow you to access some of the worlds leading engineering and business consultants, along with our in-house technical expertise.
  • Based on the needs of our clients and because of the all round experience of our presenters, we provide either broad or specific training packages.
  • In addition to our portfolio of off-the-shelf training courses from basic understanding of wireless technology to advanced and in-depth courses for all wireless technologies to business courses, we also work with our clients to tailor-make customized education packages.
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Optimization services & Tools

To keep a network running effectively under changing operating conditions, HTN Wireless provides ongoing RF optimization services to maintain maximum network performance.Services include testing network elements, tuning the network for optimal performance and identifying elements that need to be upgraded or replaced.

Once placed in service, wireless networks must be continually updated, recalibrated and tuned. Call volumes and traffic patterns change, trees or buildings may block radio signals and interference may be encountered from neighboring or competing networks or other radio sources. Usage patterns may change because of new rate plans, new features or increasing sales. Optimization is the process of tuning the network to take into account such changes, and often gives rise to maintenance tasks such as antenna changes, new equipment installations or the replacement of substandard or failed components.

HTN WIRELESS assists its customers in establishing and maintaining maximum network performance, providing comprehensive testing and re-calibration services, as well as preparation for migration to advanced technologies. Services include:

  • Continuously monitoring network performance
  • Periodically testing network elements
  • Tuning the network for optimal performance
  • Identifying elements that need to be upgraded or replaced
  • Providing high level reports to management
  • Performing functional and system drive testing, data analysis and interference control
  • Test plan development
  • Frequency plan revisions
  • Equipment capacity expansion analysis
  • Interference control
  • Acceptance testing and hand-over analysis
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Manage Services

HTN Wireless's network management team offers post-deployment day-to-day operations and maintenance of wireless networks.Operation and Maintenance services cover the management of critical network elements, encompass the full range of technologies, and offer complete network operating center services.

HTN WIRELESS provides services required to operate and manage an operational wireless network. These services are offered on a temporary basis to fill a short-term or indefinite resource gap (staff augmentation), or on a permanent basis (outsourced functions) to allow our clients to focus on the development of new services and applications, improvement of customer care, and marketing. The managed services portfolio includes,

HTN WIRELESS assists its customers in establishing and maintaining maximum network performance, providing comprehensive testing and re-calibration services, as well as preparation for migration to advanced technologies. Services include:

  • Network & cell site optimization
  • Switch facility operations & maintenance
  • Base station (cell site) operations and maintenance
  • Cell site physical maintenance
  • Fixed network operations and maintenance
  • Regulatory (FAA/FCC) compliance
  • Competitive analysis & benchmarking
  • Standards & best practices development and audit
  • Hardware & software provisioning
  • Site & system audits
  • Asset management
  • Property management
  • Permit renewal
  • Tower marketing and management
  • Software & hardware upgrades
  • Network Operations Center (NOC) design and set-up
  • NOC Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance & Security (FCAPS) Management
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Our full range of expert consulting services spans market analysis and planning, business and technology consulting, and implementation.

Our longstanding experience is a significant benefit in upfront system planning to ensure the fastest, most efficient, and most reliable network configuration. Our services include:

  • Operations - inventories, traffic analysis, merger integration, restructuring and security optimization.
  • Strategic - technology plans, cost/benefit studies, needs analysis and market assessments.
  • Specifications - functional and technical requirement identification, information requests and Requests for Proposal (RFPs).
  • Evaluations - vendor sourcing and capabilities, product demos, and proposal and contract analysis.
  • Project Management - planning, design, issue management, vendor coordination and quality assurance.
  • Technology and product evaluation
  • Market analysis, planning, and GIS Network migration and expansion planning
  • Tactical and strategic tool development for 3G+
  • Strategic revenue analysis and business planning
  • Active participation in standards groups and review panels
  • Technology reports, white papers, and complete training courses
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3G Services

At UCOMServices we provide complete suite of 3G services that includes both CDMA and WCDMA technologies:

3G Optimization Services

Development and support of processes for 3G optimization in rollout, integration and network operational phases Supply of site/cluster acceptance, drive testing, data analysis, fault resolution, performance reporting and benchmarking services.  

Core and Access Network Design and Capacity Audit Covering ATM and IP

Audit current access network design capacities and design basis for 3G services introduction
Evolve core network architecture and technology selection for new UMTS core

Existing Site Re-use Audit

Existing sites are assessed for use in UMTS, paying particular attention to the expected interference conditions and traffic requirements

3G Roll Out Process and Procedures

Establish roll out and project management process and workflows for UMTS system rollout and all
related planning design guidelines, rules and procedures

Indoor Coverage Solutions

Tailored indoor coverage solutions, providing survey, design and installation services and optimization
to ensure correct radio integration to outdoor network designs accompanied with comprehensive and
Informative documentation Ability to provide isolated or combined 2G and 3G solutions

Reduced Capacity and Phased Rollout Planning

Re-engineering considerations and re-planning of UMTS system deployments to achieve delayed (phased) rollout to support initial launch of UMTS services at lower data rates and reduced capital investment conditions

Network Sharing Technical and Operations Strategy

Consider all technical and operational issues impacting the sharing operators and devise a suitable business and operational management environment supporting the mutual interests of the sharers  

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