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Jaffer Brothers (Private) Limited.

The steady growth and success of JBL, and the position it secured as a leading business house, were mainly due to the family’s over 150 years of experience, and the trust placed in JBL and associated companies by its customers, employees and principals - which today include some of the most renowned names internationally.

The Jaffer Family established a trading firm in 1849, in Pune, undivided India. Following the creation of Pakistan, Jaffer Brothers (Private) Limited (JBL) was incorporated in Karachi on July 2, 1948.

The steady growth and success of JBL, and the position it secured as a leading business house, were mainly due to the family’s over 150 years of experience, and the trust placed in JBL and associated companies by its customers, employees and principals - which today include some of the most renowned names internationally.

The head office is located in Karachi with main branches in Islamabad and Lahore. Sales outlets and representative offices are located in all the major cities and towns of Pakistan.

The Group actively participates in national growth, and economic and social development. Highly motivated teams of the business and service divisions, and subsidiary companies, fulfill customers' needs in accordance with the short and long term objectives set by them.

Since its inception, the goods and services provided by JBL and associated companies have led to improved productivity in the agro sector, in the information management field and in transportation, telecommunication, power generation and transmission projects.

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Usit Plus Business Solutions

Established over 6 years ago, USITplus Business Solutions is a dynamic and fast growing company providing customized business IT solutions, business intelligence, and business software products to clients from diverse industries. Member companies are focused on developing business-driven, cost effective and long term solutions that maximize clients'` return of investments.

Over the past few years, USITplus Business Solutions' commitment to excellence has earned acclaims within our client community. USITplus has been providing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), e-Commerce, IT infrastructure management, and global IT resource management and development.

USITplus expertise includes Oracle and Oracle Applications related projects, SAP and mySAP projects, J.D.
Edwards, CA Products,
IT planning and management,
total system and network administration in Microsoft Windows,
SUN Microsystems Solaris,
UNIX, Linux,
and other major platforms and environments,
IT security,
Firewall and VPN,
Voice-over-IP (VoIP),
Quality Asurance (QA)
and more. Our solutions will significantly enhance the values to your core business no matter what industry your business is focused on, based upon our wide spectrum of expertise, products, and services. Whether it is ERP or CRM, e-Commerce or total IT infrastructure, customized applications or offshore development, we can demonstrate to you how to achieve the best return-of-investment (ROI) with the most flexible and versatile business solutions. USITplus senior management team is comprised of professionals with years of hands-on IT and business specialists.

Our project teams consist of seasoned project managers and experienced technical staffs. We are confident that when you select us as your IT Business Solutions Partner, we will work with you hand-to-hand towards realizing your business vision in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Together, we will expand your business horizons.

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Automating Optimisation Solutions for the Wireless World

Celcite Management Solutions delivers optimisation solutions for all mobile technologies including GSM/GPRS/EDGE BSS, UTRAN (WCDMA/HSPA +HSUPA PH2) and E-UTRAN (LTE).

Founded in 2003, we have enjoyed rapid growth by providing timely and cost-effective mobile consulting services and customised network performance tools to wireless operators worldwide.

Our Vision:

Achieve a paradigm shift from "person-" to "automation-" centric network maintenance & optimisation.

Our Goal:

Deliver a unified platform with integrated and automatic tools capable of monitoring, managing & mitigating network problems automatically.

Our Approach:

Leverage information technology, mathematical modeling, and automatic Intelligent Correlation (AICâ„¢) to deliver automatic root cause analysis along with executable solutions.

Tap into Our Experience

Our management and consultancy staff combine more than 1500 years of telecom engineering experience through prior work with vendor teams, service providers, and telecom consulting companies. Additionally, our clients benefit from our access to a highly qualified pool of talent in the RF, backhaul, BSS engineering, project management, and custom application development fields.

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gcb Services.

GCB headquartered in Virginia is one of the premier independent providers of engineering and Information Technology services to the wireless telecom and IT industry. GCB was formed to provide the highest quality solutions while maintaining a fine balance between quality, cost, and timeline. The GCB team has extensive experience in wireless and Information Technology Services.  

The GCB team has worked in all aspects of wireless projects spanning from initial planning, vendor and equipment evaluation, network dimensioning, network design, optimization, benchmarking, FCC compliance and overall project management.

At our IT house of services, we have been steadily progressing to achieve excellence in global IT Business Solutions and Consulting. Our consulting arm provides various Fortune 500 companies with integrated IT consulting services from concept to completion stage. Our business philosophy is founded on providing the best quality IT consulting, staff augmentation, quality assurance and training services to our valued clients. Whether you need helping hand in you Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Project Management, Human Resources Planning, or Employees Development and Training, we are always at arms length to help you with completing the tasks and addressing the challenges.

In essence, the GCB Team is qualified and capable to provide a broad set of the entire network and IT services for your business that range from business planning and capital budget modeling, to radio frequency engineering, system optimization, network system maintenance, data collection, and all aspects of integrated IT Services.

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