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HTN Wireless software solutions developing the software tools as per industries requirement, our area of expertise is to develop, RF optimization tool, network dimensioning, network planning, drive testing, E911 growth, traffic balancing, EDGE and UMTS optimization and interference matrix.

HTN Wireless software solutions help keep wireless service providers stay on top of issues and ahead of competition by providing them with actionable information about how their networks and the services they deliver are performing at all times. Our suite of tools helps reduce costs and shorten problem resolution time by improving process efficiency, precision and agility. Our mathematical models, algorithms and data manipulation techniques embedded into our software help us in delivering world-class cost effective solutions.

Our techniques are envisioned not only to help reduce unnecessary expenditures. but also to help plan and optimize the network for both revenue and profit generation. In our observation the technical information that was once only for engineers and technicians for planning, optimization, troubleshooting and maintaining the system is now important to many decision makers within the company. Engineers have to pull away from their daily tasks to provide this data in different formats to their non technical requestors from internal departmentsacross the organization with appropriate level of technical details and hence are in need of tools that help them supply this information.

We are focused towards solving the complex optimization challenges associated with different technologies and multi-vendor dynamics through our proprietary algorithms. These specialized methods and algorithms are embedded into our software tools, to provide improved business and technology performance.